Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Keeping in mind that good medicine is a basic right, not a privilege, we at Unipharma, are taking upon ourselves the difficult task of producing fault free, high-quality products that are effective, safe and affordable focusing on both, the domestic and international pharmaceutical markets.

To us, this is our guarantee for survival, expansion, and growth. Relying on a highly skilled, experienced and ambitious team of Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Marketing and Sales Experts, UNIPHARMA has over than 150 dedicated employees.

We have learned through experience that the quality of a product ultimately depends on the quality of those producing it and that every successful operation is the fruit of a team effort in which the active participation of each member of the team is of great importance as we strive for the collective input of the whole team. Therefore, we copiously invest in our human capital, which is by far our most valuable asset.

Dr. El Sayed El Ganainy

Founder & Chairman of the board